Download Life Spreadsheet

This is the most current published version of Life Spreadsheet (excel 2007+ only):
LifeSpreadsheet v 1.1

Older Versions:

Open Office & LibreOffice:
Life Spreadsheet_OpenOffice
Wordpress doesn’t allow uploading .ods formats, so we uploaded it with a .docx extension. Once you save it, make sure you rename it to end with the ‘.ods’ extension.

Excel 2007 and up, Original:
Life Spreadsheet

If you have ancient versions of MS Excel:
Since Open Office is free, and since older versions of excel really can’t calculate some of the more intense formulas, please just download and install ‘Calc’ from Open Office or LibreOffice (the new Open Office).

18 thoughts on “Download

    • @Peter and Mike,

      1. Download the file
      2. Compose an email to yourself from your gmail account
      3. Attach the file to this email
      4. Send the email
      5. When you get the email click “Open as a Google Spreadsheet”

      • I tried to import into google docs and they said “The formulas on this sheet could not be calculated. Try removing some formulas or modifying complex formulas, like VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and recalculate. For more information on size and complexity limits in Google spreadsheets, visit the Google Docs Help Center.”

        Time to switch to the work computer and use legit Excel.

  1. You should find a way to post the file…even if you have to rename it xls or xlsx and have us change the name. When attempting to login via Facebook, one of Scribd’s security access requirements is to ‘Scridb may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos on my behalf.’ No thanks. I’d rather go plunk down $100 and buy Office 2007 than let some faceless cog impersonate me.

    If you administer the WordPress server, either update your httpd.conf (or mime types) with an octet/stream entry for the binary file extension (aka .ods) and recycle apache, or update wordpress directly to allow that extension (not sure which will be easier to get WordPress to play nice). Worst comes to worst you can rename it something WordPress allows and just mention that in your post. 🙂

  2. I’d love to get a version in Numbers ’09 as long as we’re talking additional formats. I can open the Excel version without a problem, but the Numbers uses a different paradigm for spreadsheets in that there’s a canvas on which you can have multiple inter-related pieces of information instead of just one big array of columns and rows on each tab. It makes presenting data alongside charts nicer and easier to work with.

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